Chances Housing Co-operative

A beautiful community
in the heart of Burnaby.


What is housing co-op?

Shared ownership principles.

Non-profit housing co-ops are a form of shared ownership. The co-op provides homes to its members, who purchase shares and pay a monthly housing charge. Members own the co-op; the co-op owns the housing.

Housing co-operative shared owenrship principal diagram.

An elected board of directors manages the day-to-day business of the co-op. Each member has one vote, and everyone contributes to the community, according to their interests and strengths.

Co-op is your home, not an investment.

Co-op members work together to keep the complex smooth-running and affordable. Every member must participate in the co-op's management and maintenance.

As a co-op member, you have security of tenure. This means that you can live in your home for as long as you wish if you follow the rules of the co-op and pay your housing charges. The co-op is your home, not an investment.

Who can live in a co-op?

Co-op communities are made up of all kinds of people — people with different backgrounds and incomes and special needs. This diversity is a unique and vibrant strength of the co-op housing concept.

What the Co-op is expecting from its members:

  • Follow the Co-op's rules and policies.
  • Be a good neighbour.
  • Get involved in co-op life.

Chances Co-op at a glance.


Chances housing co-op is a mixed townhouse-apartment complex located in a family oriented neighbourhood at 7235 18th Avenue in South-East Burnaby.

Chances housing co-op street sign

Chances housing co-op is a member of the Co-operative Housing Federation of Canada.

The co-op was constructed in 1990 and had a major building envelope and piping refit in 2011. There have been many significant upgrades to the co-op units and facilities.

The co-op has handicapped accessible units.

Co-op main features:


General information

Chances Housing Co-op consists of 44 units: one and two bedroom apartments, two and three bedroom townhouses.

All units have in-suite storage, washer / dryer hook-ups and three appliances. Apartments are located on the third floor, with elevator access. Townhouses have two or three floors and have private secure backyard patios.

Housing charges:

Resindence type Square footage Monthly rent Share price Gross Income *
1 bedroom apartment 700 sq. ft. From $1,033 $1,500 $40,120
2 bedroom apartment 930 sq. ft. From $1,256 $2,000 $50,240
2 bedroom townhouse 918 sq. ft. From $1,238 $2,000 $49,520
3 bedroom townhouse 1160 sq. ft. From $1,443 $2,500 $57,720

* Required minimal household gross income per year.

Typical 2 bedroom townhouse floor plan

Chances housing co-op. Typical 2 bedroom townhouse floor plan. Ground floor.
Chances housing co-op. Typical 2 bedroom townhouse floor plan. Upper floor.


Co-op location

Chances Housing Co-op is located in South-East Burnaby in the heart of the quickly growing Edmonds Town Centre community. The co-op is conveniently close to major transportation, education, shopping and leisure facilities.

How to apply?

  1. Download and complete the Chances Housing Co-op Membership Application (PDF).

    Download Application
  2. Please include a cheque for $20.00 as a non-refundable application processing fee. Your application will not be processed without this fee. Please make the cheque payable to Chances Housing Co-op.

  3. Send application and cheque by mail to the Chances Housing Co-operative: #45-7235 18th Avenue, Burnaby, BC, V3N 1H4.

Chances Co-op currently is not accepting subsidy applications.